3 Ways New Moms Can Advance Their Careers

For the first few years, a new mom’s life is often filled with feeding and changing diapers. When the household starts to relax, and Mom has a little more time, many mothers find using that time to improve skills for better career options is a better choice than returning to an old job. When you are ready to return to the workforce, better career options bring new opportunities, higher pay, and more interesting challenges.

If you’re interested in making a job change or adding skills to your previous career, consider how you could use these three opportunities to your advantage.

Earn an Online Degree in Teaching While Baby Naps

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High school teachers earn a median wage of $55,050. That’s an excellent salary for a mom trying to re-enter the workforce after a few years of caring for her child. Of course, earning a master’s degree can take a lot of time, which can make it difficult for moms to meet state requirements.

Online education solves this problem by giving mothers the option to take classes when they have time. By signing up for a Master of Arts in teaching, moms can complete coursework at their convenience. The program is even more useful for moms who left a teaching profession to raise children. The combination of previous teaching experience and a new master’s degree could help you secure a job quickly.

Start Blogging to Become an Expert

New moms might have to spend a lot of time raising children, but that doesn’t mean they become irrelevant in their fields. Unfortunately, many moms find that it’s difficult to break back into the professional world after they have spent a few years away from a nine to five job. Gaps in employment are often hard to overcome.

Starting a blog can motivate potential employers to focus on your ability instead of the employment gap. Establishing a blog with thoughtful, well-researched posts can make your professional experience more attractive to companies. As a blogger, you can establish yourself as an expert in an industry. A blog can provide proof of education, dedication, and professionalism to any potential employer.

Gain Experience in Online Marketing

The Internet has become such a useful marketing tool that over 70 percent of businesses increased their online marketing budgets in 2014. Larger budgets could mean that companies have more money to spend on marketing professionals who have proven records of success.

Many people become online marketing professionals by taking business and communications classes. That’s a useful approach, but it isn’t the only option.

You can get the skills you need by reading books and studying blogs. You may even want to work as a freelance marketing associate while you raise your family.

These three approaches are excellent ways to gain professional experience while you continue to be a great caregiver to your family. No matter what your background or experience, it’s an excellent idea to continue your education and makes strides forward in your profession even when you are working harder than ever as a stay-at-home mom.

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