5 Unique Birthday Presents for Your Girlfriends

Shopping for friends is hard, no doubt. Will she like it? Is this her style? Even picking the perfect card to accompany the present is challenging. It’s time to quit questioning your decisions and instead, give with confidence. If you don’t quite have the knack for birthday gift shopping, don’t panic, we’ve got you covered. Here are five unique suggestions, sure to do the trick.

For the Girl Who’s Always Connected

Staying on top of your social media game takes a lot of battery power. From snaps and Instagram collages, to Facebook updates and 140-character musings, make sure she’s always running on green by giving her a brand new phone charger. Not your standard charger, the Fremo External Battery Pack is just $20 and the tiny white brick can meet all of her charging needs. Great for packing along on trips or just having on hand, this battery pack is a solid choice for the gal who seems to have everything, including a minor social media addiction.

Send Her Flowers

Sending a bouquet might seem old school, but everyone likes getting flowers! Online flower delivery services such as FTD offer a wide range of stunning bouquets that fit any occasion, sent 26/06

including birthdays. In less than five minutes you can order an arrangement of her favorite flowers, to be shipped directly to her doorstep. And, if you’re a procrastinator, FTD offers same-day delivery on many items, so the fact that her birthday slipped your mind this year is our little secret.

Buy Her Dinner, Again and Again

Busy lifestyle: check. Loves to cook: check. Does this sound like your bestie? If she can work her way around a kitchen but doesn’t have the time to make a trip to the grocery store, take the hassle out of at-home cooking with Plated. Plated offers fresh ingredients and everything she’ll need to create chef-inspired dishes at home. The Plated service includes a weekly box of seasonal ingredients, pre-portioned, for easy at-home cooking. There’s even a vegetarian option. Why take your friend out for one expensive birthday dinner, when you can give the gift of many dinners and give her the opportunity to express her creativity in the kitchen?

Feed Her Inner Party Animal

If she’s ditched her wild and crazy college party girl days, but still likes to indulge every now and then, get her a fun and playful gift that is sure to bring back dorm day memories. Uncommon Goods offers a drinking game that puts a classy, dainty twist on beer pong with its Mini Beer Pong Set. Made from birchwood, the playing surfaces almost looks like a standard kitchen cutting board and forget the red cups, they’ve been replaced with elegant tiny glassware. Perfect for the girl who enjoys a good brew, but not too much, on her birthday.

Put Paint to Canvas

Treat your friend to a day in the studio. Many art shops offer DIY studio sessions — some offer painting lessons and wine . Sign up for a day of painting and create something wonderful with your best friend. Make it a big affair or keep it low key, however you choose to celebrate the day she’ll be able to take home a canvas that reminds her of the special day.

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