Bad Habits That Will Destroy Your Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are beautiful and preferred by countless women from all around the world. They are not cheap though so you need to learn how to keep them looking great for a long time. Unfortunately, various bad daily habits we have can easily destroy them without us even realizing that this is the case. If you want high quality Denver hair extensions to last as much as possible, make sure the following bad habits are avoided at all costs.

Not Caring About Air Pollutants

Air pollutants will settle on hair extensions. A layer is formed over them so their appearance is hampered. At the same time, extensions are dried. In the event you smoke or you live in an area that is highly polluted, the best thing you can do is cover extensions by using silk cloth. Obviously, avoiding smoking is a good thing to do.

Bad Washing Habits

When it comes to hair extensions, under-washing and over-washing will cause damage that can easily turn severe. Those that do not wash them properly will end up with hair extensions that look dirty, dull and that smell awful. When over-washing hair extensions, they end up without moisture so dryness is something to worry about. The best approach is always to wash one time per week so you can maintain proper appearance and hair health.

Using Products That Are Over-Drying Or Harsh

All experienced stylists will tell you to use conditioners and shampoos that are moisture rich and do not contain alcohol or parabens. That is due to the fact that high alcohol content will be really bad for extensions. Really severe damage can appear. Being gentle with the extensions is a great idea. When you wash, use phosphate-free and sulfate-free cleansers. The product labels have to always be checked in order to avoid the bad chemicals.

Cutting Or Trimming Extensions

If you trim or cut extensions, their life will be longer. However, if you do overdo this you end up with hairs that are damaged and a lower length. Always be sure that hair is hydrated with the use of natural essential hair oils. This makes hair extensions stronger while harmful radicals are eliminated.

Improper Hair Extension Handling

All women want silky, cuticle-free and smooth hair extensions but if improper handling is reality, extensions become tangled and frizzy. Shine disappears and you need to be sure that you are gentle. Always use combs and brushes with wider teeth. At the same time, you want to use rubber hands, bobby pins and other accessories just as they are absolutely needed.

Harsh Glue Use

As extensions are stick to hair with the use of harsh glue, both the scalp and extensions become damaged. Severe damage is always going to be present with natural hair so you need to use those glues that are really secure and safe for scalp use. The hair stylist is going to easily recommend such products.

Unhealthy Diet

This is one tip that few women know about. Your diet is really important when referring to hair extension management. Foods that are really rich in oils and fatty acids make hair brittle. Your hair becomes weak so extensions will have difficulties sticking to it.

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