Hair Care Tips and Tricks You Can’t Live Without

They say your hair is your crowning glory. Quite frankly, we could not agree more. Even without a made up look, as long as your hair is on fleek – you will be fine. Do you ever wonder how some of your favourite celebrities keep their locks fresh, luscious and sleek? Wonder no more, we’ve got some of the answers, some hair care tips and tricks we will be sharing with you in just a short while. 


We did a bit of research : stalking our idols through the latest celebrity news updates and snooping around on some of our favourite online magazines for women. Going through all these hair care reviews and hair care advice, we have put together a list of healthy hair tips that you can easily bring into your very own hair care routine. 


Use Hair Masks Before Working Out 


You probably haven’t heard about this tip a lot and honestly, neither have we. As it turns out, working out regularly is not only a body care must or a healthy lifestyle tip to live by, it can also do wonders for your hair, too. Some people decide to use hair masks after a workout, perhaps as a way to relax after some rigorous training. 


However, according to some stylists, it is best to apply the hair mask before starting with your workout because the salt in your sweat can completely dry out your tresses. Even better, the heat your body is able to produce during the workout will lock in the nutrients from your hair mask so all you have to do is wash and rinse when you’re done. Now that’s a noteworthy healthy hair tip! 


Go Easy on The Shampoo 


Here’s a commonly said hair care advice that’s still worth repeating : don’t overdo it with your shampoo. Despite everything that is being claimed on most shampoo bottles – believe us when we say you gotta stop using it each time you shower. Using this too much will make it so much harder for you to achieve those long, soft and shiny locks you’ve been dreaming of. 


Don’t take it from us, take from Reese Witherspoon’s stylist. 


Colored Shampoo Is Your Best Friend 


Don’t we all just hate those orange, brassy and trashy looking tones that usually come out after bleaching? Yikes! Here is some hair care routine tip from the experts : use colored shampoo to wash those undertones off. The secret to keeping that vivid, bombshell-looking blonde is by using a purple or blue shampoo. Also, steer clear from all products which contains sulfate – think of it as your number one enemy. 


T-Shirt Dry instead of Towel Dry 


Wait, what? Yes, you read that right. Ditch the towel after your shower and use a nice, old t-shirt that you don’t wear anymore instead. The material used on your shirt is much gentler and healthier for your hair down the road. Even more so, it’s also more effective at absorbing the dampness of your hair. 


At least you won’t have to worry about getting rid of those old cotton shirts anymore. 


The Night Before, Always 


Okay. If you absolutely love Beyonce’s hair, here is an insider tip from one of her stylists: Do all the hard work the night before. This will keep your stubborn hair time, save you a lot of time and prepare your hair even better especially if you have a special event going on the next day. You can even opt to tie it into a loose bun to get those natural waves. 


If it works perfectly fine for Queen B, it would probably work for you too. 

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