How to Express Your Love to Her?

Famous songwriters have often reminded us that “love makes the world go round” but how do you express your love to the special lady of your heart? Just like other feelings, love takes time to grow. It takes practice to fully express the special emotions you feel for someone.

The good news is that there are endless ways of showing someone that you do indeed love, care, and appreciate them. This is because love is a universal language that only takes small random acts of appreciation to express the magical connection between the two of you.

Remember love begets love and is a contagious feeling so the more you strive to express your love to her the more she loves you back. In this post, we explore a few of the many ways that you can express your love to her and maintain your special relationship for many years to come.

So, without much ado here are five easy tips any man can use to show his significant other how much he loves and cares for her.

  1. Show Her Gratitude

Genuine and open gratitude is one of the most important things you can give the special lady of your life. All human beings, women included, long for appreciation and gratitude.

To express gratitude, take time every day to show her that you care and acknowledge all the great things she does to enrich your life. Acknowledge the little and big things she does and show her that you admire the special traits she has.

You can even express gratitude through simple phrases such as thank you or buying her flowers, taking her out for a beautiful meal, or buying her a gift you know she’ll truly appreciate.

Learn to listen more to what she has to say and she will feel appreciated and valued. Talk less and listen more. After all, talking seems to be one of the women’s strongholds. Most importantly, never tire of telling her verbally how much you value and appreciate her special place in your life.

  1. Send Her Random Loving Messages

The Internet has brought so many great things in our lives but I never thought it would be a means of conflict resolution until I learned about Leroy’s story. Leroy is a close friend who had the misfortune of ignoring a small disagreement with his girlfriend until things escalated to a point where they both went silent on each other.

They live together but for a week, conversations in the house were limited to short yeah’s and no’s. That was until Leroy started sending funny GIFs, cute emojis, sweet messages to her on Facebook, WhatsApp, and other social media platforms despite the raging cold war.

Funny enough she reciprocated in the same way. The hostilities ended almost as soon as the exchange of funny emojis and GIFs began. I’m happy to report that Leroy and his girlfriend have grown even closer now.

So, send her cute messages such as “Hi beautiful, have an awesome day” or just “Thinking of you” and she’ll know that she’s always in your mind.

How to show her you in love


  1. Buy Her a Symbolic Gift

Don’t just wait until Valentine’s or her birthday to buy her a special gift that symbolizes your love for her. Women love jewelry so why not surprise her with one of the finest pieces, such as the ones from the Best Brilliance diamond engagement rings collection?

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  1. Spend More Time Together

No matter how busy your life is, always find time to spend quality time with the special lady of your life.

Spend time together to rekindle the flames of your love without issues such as work, kids, and other engagements getting in the way.

Romantic date nights are a perfect way of expressing your love for her. Alternatively, you can choose any activity that makes you laugh and enjoy happy moments together.

  1. Make Her Breakfast in Bed or Her Favorite Dinner

When eating out has become a too-common activity in your life, switch things up by making her favorite food at home.

You can even take things a notch higher by surprising her with a special breakfast in bed treat. She will definitely feel loved and cared for when you make something extra special just for her.


Love is not a one-time thing. Keep on expressing your feelings for her regularly.

If possible, buy her more gifts more often and above all never get tired of verbally expressing your feelings by telling her “I Love You” every single day.



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