Some Common Misconceptions about Korean Products

Koreans are known for their glassy, supple, radiant, healthy, and glowy skin. Not just women, but Korean men also have smooth skin. Koreans have been taught since their childhood that their skin should appear beautiful and healthy, and this is probably why they have so many products.

Korean beauty products are considered to be of a top-notch quality having natural ingredients. Whether you have blemished skin, acne-prone skin, or your concern is aging, you will find multiple options solving all such issues. Additionally, the products are usually on the pocket-friendly side.

However, there are certain common misconceptions about the products, which we have tried to answer, below.

Korean Products are Only For Asians

It is generally believed that the skincare products by Korean companies would suit only Asian people. But skin is skin. The skin of Koreans appears to be clear and healthy because they have been religiously using the products. They also have usual skin issues like oily, acne-prone, dry, dehydrated skin, etc.

So, even if you are not Asian, Korean skincare products from brands like Innisfree would be effective in treating your skin-related problems as well.

 You Must Follow the Entire 10-Step Skincare Process

While the entire Korean skincare routine involves following 10 steps, you can skip some steps if you feel like. If your skin does not demand the usage of every product, you may not use some products at all. If you like to spend time on your skincare, you can include more steps and products.

This is similar to working out Some people only need to work out for half an hour each day, 1 hour every alternate day or one and a half to two hours every day. Following the 1 steps is optional and you should follow only those steps which you need to.

Men and Women Have Different Skincare Products

Since men and women’s skin type and texture are different, having separate skincare products seems right. However, in Korea, everybody, whether they are men or women, use the same skincare products.

The Korean skincare products differ on the basis of your skin type and not your gender. So, if you and your husband/brother have dry skin, you both can use the same products. The Korean products will offer similar results in both cases.

Using Anti-aging Products in Early 20s= Faster Aging

People refrain from using anti-aging products in their early twenties because they think that by doing so their skin will age faster. However, this is not true at all. In fact, anti-aging products will only prevent UV damage and pre-mature aging, keeping your skin in its best condition for a longer period.

You Need SPF Only on Sunny Days

Sun damage is real. Even though it is cloudy and you are going to stay indoors throughout the day, you need an SPF. This is because even while sitting near the window or working on a cloudy day, your skin will be exposed to harmful sun rays. You will not see any difference now, but 10-15 down the lane, you will know why SPF is so necessary.

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