Your First Time at the Races: What to Wear

Going to the races for the first time can be exciting, thrilling and an overall brilliant experience. One of the things that you need to think about when going to the races is what you should wear. Many people are taken in with the romantic idea of getting all dressed up to go to the races, and that’s one of the main reasons why they buy tickets and attend the races in the first place. However, before you decide exactly what you’re going to put on, you should think about the following factors.

  1. Are you attending an event?

You don’t always have to get dressed up all fancy to go to the races. In fact, many races and events, which take place, are attended by hundreds of people who are not dressed formally at all. If you are attending smaller races, which are only attended by a handful of people, you will need to dress more casual since nobody will be wearing formal attire. The events, which are held, are usually advertised online and you will be able to buy tickets in advance of the event. The information on the website and the tickets will normally include a section on the dress code and what you are expected to wear.

  1. Do you want to have a traditional racing experience?

If you want to live a traditional racing experience, research the type of clothing that people have worn for the races down the years. This will not only give you some ideas about what you could wear to a formal racing, but you can wear a flat cap and other old-fashioned items that will add to the experience for you and also bring about something unique for other attendees. Make sure that you put a bet on in order to really experience the excitement of watching a race!

  1. Where is the race being held?

If you’re going to a famous racing ground, you may have to be more selective about the type of clothing you wear for the occasion. Other lesser-known race courses will be happier for you to turn up wearing whatever you like, but it’s always best to check this on the website. If it’s an important part of the race course and their rules, they will make sure that they write it on their website and also write it on any advanced tickets you buy.

  1. Do you have suitable clothing?

You should decide what to wear based on what it required by the racing grounds, not by what you already have in your wardrobe. If you have to wear a formal outfit but you don’t have anything suitable, you will need to go shopping beforehand to make sure you have something that is suitable for wearing to the event. Without wearing suitable clothing, you are very likely to be refused entry to the grounds, particularly if it is a famous event attended by celebrities and other high profile figures.

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